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UK Nursing Scholarships: 5 To Look Into Today

If you’re thinking about becoming a nurse in the UK, you’ll want to check out these UK nursing scholarships. Save and build your career.

Maybe you’re a healthcare assistant and would like to become a registered nurse to improve your salary.

Or, you are currently working as a registered nurse but would like to switch to a different area of nursing.

But, one thing has been holding you back: money.

Check out these UK nursing scholarships to find the help you need to get the career you want.

Getting started

The healthcare field can be both rewarding and challenging.

If you’re considering going into nursing, you may be trying to decide: NHS or the public sector? Which one is right for me?

There are definitely benefits to both sides.

It also will depend on what you want out of your day-to-day work.

It’s a choice to consider carefully, even before you starting looking for ways to pay for your education.

When you’re ready

Before diving headfirst into trying to find the right UK nursing scholarship for you, maximize your time and effort by using these tips.

Is it currently available?

As with any other type of scholarship, nursing scholarships have open and close dates, and other criteria.

Before digging into the details of a particular bursary or scholarship, make sure you first look at its expiration.

It won’t do you any good this year if it’s already closed.

Bookmark it for next year in case you’re still looking and move on.

Does it apply to you?

Make sure you’re reading the criteria carefully.

Some require already being a registered nurse, some are grants for studying abroad.

There are a variety of rules and restrictions, so reviewing the criteria carefully is key.

Check all the boxes

According to the RCN Foundation, nearly 20% of their applicants are rejected at the first stage for incomplete packages.

Make sure you’re checking everything thoroughly.

If you can, have a close friend or family member review it before you submit.

Give yourself enough time

While it may not always be possible, try to give yourself a realistic amount of time to complete an application.

Schedule time to fill out the paperwork just as you would anything else.

This is your future: it’s as important as taking the dog to the vet or seeing the dentist. Make sure you treat it that way!

Scholarships: becoming a nurse


The NHS has a bursary for many of the areas in healthcare, including nursing and midwifery.

To see if you’d be considered a new student, a continuing student or to check initial eligibility, read the NHS BSA’s new frequently asked questions.

RNC Foundation

The RCN Foundation has a number of bursary schemes available, depending on your situation.

While most of them are for currently registered nurses in the UK, the Margaret Parkinson Scholarship is for students that have a non-nursing degree who wish start nurse training.

Cavell Nurses’ Trust

Awarded by the RCN Foundation through the Cavell Nurses’ Trust, you may be able to apply for the Outstanding Nurse Student Award.

Don’t forget to check out the Outstanding Academic Achievement Award, too.

While it’s applicable to any branch of nursing, you must be a current nursing student, so read the criteria closely.

Scholarships: if you’re already a nurse

You may be considering continuing education or switching to a different specialty, or you may be returning to clinical practice.

There is a wide range of scholarships and bursaries available, depending on where you are along your career path.

The Florence Nightingale Foundation

Raising funds to help nurses since 1929, The Florence Nightingale Foundation offers a variety of scholarships. Ranging from research to travel, the Foundation provides financial support and mentoring for nurses in every stage of their career.

Applications for the next available scholarships open in February 2017.

Commonwealth Fund

If you’re interested in the policies that drive current healthcare, you may be suited for the Harkness Fellowships in Healthcare Policy and Practice.

The fellowship provides funding to study in the US to learn about healthcare reforms and other critical policy issues.

Royal College of Nursing Research Institute

If you’re a nurse who’s planning to return to, or currently is in, clinical practice, The Barbers’ Company Clinical Nursing Scholarship may help your continuing education.

There’s no specific application form, but you are expected to write a 500-word statement that explains your motivation for your chosen course.

RCN Foundation

In addition to the Margaret Parkinson Scholarship, the Foundation also offers bursaries in:

  • primary care nursing
  • long-term/chronic conditions
  • blood cancer, which is newly funded by Leukaemia Care

The closing date is November of each year.

Royal College of Nursing

If you’re currently registered with NMC and are working in a publicly-funded health care service, you may qualify for the Mary Seacole Awards.

Aimed at improving the health and well-being of black and minority ethnic communities, there are two types of project awards:

  • Development, to encourage leadership skills, raising awareness and bringing equality to the community
  • Leadership, to enhance current skills and leadership in an effective way

The application process closes in May of each year.

Cavell Nurses’ Trust

If you’re a member of the QARANC Reserve, the Trust also has Professional Development Award.

With 5 years of post-qualification experience, you may qualify to apply if you’re a registered nurse (adult or mental health), a midwife or a healthcare assistant.

An alternate route

If you’re already a senior healthcare assistant, you may not have the time nor interest in going back to university for your nursing degree.

There’s a new alternative that may help you get to your goal while putting your current knowledge to use.

An apprenticeship-style program was introduced last year that allows qualified applicants the chance to become nursing associates.

While it doesn’t completely remove the need for university classes, it allows on-the-job training and reduced class requirements.

Nursing is a rewarding choice

Whether you’re just getting started, or are looking to continue your education, nursing can be a fulfilling, stable career path.

If you’re in the market for a new job, you can browse StaffNurse listings by area or specialty.

When you’re ready to apply, you can upload your CV to get started.

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