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Tips to Help You Move Up to a Senior Nursing Role Faster

Are you still dreaming of bagging that dream promotion?

Lots of nurses have big aspirations and would love to be promoted to a senior nursing role, as they will be given a lot more responsibility and will benefit from a very attractive pay packet! However, it takes some considerable effort to work your way up to the top spot. But that doesn’t mean that it is impossible! You just need to get your head down and make sure you are always doing your best. Plus, if you follow these handy tips, you will find that you make it to the top sooner rather than later!

Develop A Career Plan

You need to have a clear idea of what your goals are and how you can go about achieving them. And the best way to figure all this out is to create a career plan. This doesn’t have to be at work; you can do this at home in your free time. One of the best ways to make this kind of plan is to simply write down a few short and long-term goals. These should be realistic ones that you have a chance of achieving if you push yourself. Once you have your plan, it is important that you review it regularly and see if there are any ways you can change your situation to help reach them faster!

Always Look For Professional Development Opportunities

During your time as a nurse, you will find that there are many different opportunities for you to develop professionally. These could be things like the option to take part in a conference or some extra training. It is important that you always grab these various opportunities and take them as often as you can. Professional development will help you to greatly improve your skillset and knowledge base, which is a great way to help you do your job a lot better. And, if your boss notices all this extra time you are dedicating to your career, they will be more than happy to reward you with a well-deserved promotion!

Focus On Networking

Networking helps in almost every career, and this is also the case in the nursing profession. There will be many chances for you to talk to fellow nurses and others in the health industry and professional and social events and functions. It is important that you aren’t a wallflower during these events, as you will have to get amongst the crowd and meet as many people as possible. Ideally, try and chat to people who are currently in your dream position. That way, you can ask them questions about how they landed the role. If you make an impression, there is also a good chance that you will spring to people’s minds when they are wondering who to consider for the next promotion.

Go Above And Beyond The Call Of Duty

You will be able to do a lot more than what your nursing job requires of you, and rather than ignoring these opportunities, you should embrace them. The best way to go above and beyond the call of duty is to volunteer. There are lots of opportunities for nurses and those who work in the health industry to volunteer, and you will be able to find out about these in professional newsletters and on your hospital’s notice board. You might also want to think about giving a talk at a local conference or get involved with project work. Once again, if your boss notices you getting involved with all of these extra activities, they could be really impressed, and they will certainly bear you in mind when the next chance of promotion comes along!

Be A Good Team Player

It is important that nurses work together as a team to ensure that their patients on the ward receive the best medical care and attention. But simply working together isn’t going to be enough. You need to totally understand everyone who you work with so that you become a well-oiled team that can really get results! Good social skills are really key so that you are able to get on with everyone involved. As nurses often work long shifts, most teams often end up feeling like a family because they get very closed! The only way you are going to move up the ranks is by ensuring your team is always cooperative and productive!

Work On Your Communication Skills

You aren’t going to get anywhere with poor communication skills. Ideally, these should be the very first skill set that you work on improving. And once you do start moving further up the career ladder, you will find that these become even more important to your job. So start working on them now before it is too late! Of course, this doesn’t just involve spoken communication. You also need to make sure that you are competent at using the messaging method favored in your hospital. Most nurses use pagers – if you do, make sure you know yours inside and out!

Don’t Be Too Ambitious

It’s good to be ambitious, but you also need to know when you should reign it in. If your hard work and dedication start to alienate those around you, it’s time to reassess your methods of getting a promotion. But how others view you isn’t the only reason why you shouldn’t ever be too ambitious. It could affect your own health as well! Nurses are known for burning out whenever they commit themselves too much to the job. So if you feel like you are heading for a complete burnout, it’s a good idea to tone it down a bit so that the stress doesn’t get too much! Just remember that you should never take on too much – if you ever feel overwhelmed, you will really benefit from taking some time off to recharge your batteries!

As you can see, there are many ways you can make the road to promotion a whole less bumpy! Good luck in your career as a nurse!

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