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Social Media Clean Up!



You have applied for a job. You have attached your CV – with personal information. Have you considered cleaning up your social media pages? If not, you are open to nosey employers who want to gain a better understanding of what exactly makes you tick.  We have all had a Facebook or Twitter outburst but this could be hindering us getting a job. Our colleagues in the US ran a study of HR managers and it returned some interesting results.

35% of managers said that information found on social networking sites eliminated a candidate from contention. Key reasons included inappropriate photographs (53%), drinking or drug use (44%), bad mouthing former employers, co-workers, and customers (35%), exhibiting poor communication skills (29%), discriminatory remarks (26%), lying about their qualifications for the position (24%), and discussing confidential employer information (20%).

So with all that in mind – are your social media pages clean? If you are unable to answer yes, then we suggest that you increase your privacy settings or clean up your page. The thought of digging through numerous Facebook posts or Tweets can seem daunting. It may be worthwhile deleting your social pages and starting from scratch.  Social media can be a great tool to showcase your skills and knowledge. It could also be used as a great resource for up to date information. Remember to keep your posts clean and to think about what you are broadcasting to the world.

Using social media correctly could automatically boost your profile in this ever increasing social world – Just don’t cross the line!


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