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Midwifery in the UK – infographic

midwifery in the UK

Midwifery is a physically and emotionally demanding job that requires a unique set of human qualities: confidence, compassion, cultural understanding. Midwives in the UK find themselves helping women of many diverse backgrounds and cultures. Some of these women will be given support and advice before, during and after the birth of their babies. This often [...]

How to become an advanced nurse practitioner

How to become an advanced nurse practitioner thumbnail

The role of advanced nurse practitioner (ANP) was introduced to the NHS in the 1990s and is now an established part of the healthcare team, both in general practice and in hospital settings. Despite this, there remains a lack of clarity about the role. Also known as advanced practitioners or nursing practitioners – among other [...]

Is the new nursing degree apprenticeship for you?

nursing degree apprenticeship

The current route into nursing is to take a degree course, combining study at university with supervised work on hospital wards – but there will soon be another option. From September 2017, students will be able to ‘earn as they learn’ by taking a degree-level nurse apprenticeship. The government has been investing heavily in apprenticeships [...]

How to become a healthcare assistant

How to become a healthcare assistant thumbnail

If you are caring and compassionate and like the idea of offering hands-on care and having a lot of contact with patients, a job as a health care assistant (HCA) might be for you. Sometimes known as clinical support workers, nursing assistants, nursing auxiliaries or auxiliary nurses, HCAs work in a variety of settings, including [...]

Delegation tips for busy nurses

Delegation tips for busy nurses thumbnail

Many nurses feel daunted at the prospect of delegating, but it’s an important skill and one worth mastering. Done well, it can free up some of your time to focus on more complex patient cases, as well as helping to develop the skills of nursing support staff. It’s important that you are clear on your [...]

5 questions to ask before accepting a nursing job offer

5 questions to ask before accepting a nursing job offer

The interview went well and you’re confident that you’ll get the job - but do you want it? ‘Sometimes, candidates can be so focused on selling themselves during an interview that they forget to assess whether the role is right for them,’ says Heike Guilford, Managing Director of The Coaching Nurse. ‘That’s why it’s so [...]

Dealing with violence in the workplace

Dealing with violence in the workplace

Awareness of assaults on NHS staff has been on the agenda for some years now, but despite several high-profile media and poster campaigns the number of cases is continuing to rise. Figures produced annually by NHS Protect, the body responsible for dealing with crime in the National Health Service, show that the total number of [...]

A guide to CPD: What counts for revalidation?

A guide to CPD

As part of the new revalidation process, you must complete 35 hours of continuing professional development (CPD) relevant to your practice as a nurse or midwife. This must be undertaken during the three years prior to your revalidation date - anything before that cannot be counted. While 35 hours may sound like a lot, remember [...]