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Nurse Honoured for Student Work

February 20 – A nurse who overcame disability and illness and became an advocate for her profession is to be honoured at the English university where she did her training. Bethann Siviter, who graduated with a Diploma in Higher Education: Adult Nursing from Birmingham City University in 2002, will be named as one of the university’s Alumni of the Year in the Community Engagement and Leadership category at a graduation ceremony next week.

Originally from the USA, Siviter came to the UK in 1999. While she was a student, she began to campaign for the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) and wrote The Student Nurse Handbook, which offered support and information for other pre-registration nursing students. This was eventually published by Elsevier and was followed by the Newly Qualified Nurse’s Handbook in 2008.

Siviter overcame sudden illness and disability in 2006, but returned to her role as a nurse consultant and used her experiences to help support those who work in nursing and have disabilities. She is a columnist in Primary Health Care magazine, presents at seminars and is a regular contributor at RCN Congress.

She will be honoured at the ceremony at Birmingham Symphony Hall on Monday, February 20.

“I have so many memories of the university. I learned that anything was possible and if something was the right thing to do, there was a way to do it,” she said.

“I had so many wonderful lecturers who didn’t see us as students, but as colleagues in development, and I’ve always looked to take that attitude with me. I hope I get the chance to give more back to students and the university and this award will give me further opportunities to do that.”

Source: Englemed Newsroom

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