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Featured Employer: HC one of a kind

HC-ONEAbout HC-One

HC-One will bring an end to the uncertainty around Southern Cross, welcoming in a new era of stability to our homes.

Founded on the principles of involvement, accountability and partnership, we want to build a new kind of relationship with staff, residents, relatives and the communities we are all a part of.

All our efforts, resources and energy will be put towards ensuring that residents enjoy a good quality of life through receiving professional care in a safe, comfortable and welcoming environment.

We want our staff to be the kindest people from our communities: life’s natural carers and givers, the unsung heroes who make the world a better, warmer place for the rest of us.

Services HC-One offer

Dementia caring is changing and we at HC-One will lead that change.

We believe people living with dementia are essentially well not ill, therefore our caring reflects living life to its full.

Our staff will be provided with on-going opportunities for learning and development ensuring the care we provide is not only the kindest possible, but is also delivered from a sound, professional knowledge base.

Care will be individualised, based on a person’s life history, created around their current strengths and abilities, not just focusing on their weaknesses or disabilities.

All care will be designed to maximise involvement and foster citizenship.

Families will be involved and empowered and at the heart of every care home will be the belief that every single person is a unique, special and deserving individual.

What positions are available?

HC-one have over 100 jobs available throughout the UK. Positions include, home managers, nurses (RGN ), nurses (RMN) and many others. To view all the open vacancies with HC-One click here


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