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Don’t Stop The Search!

Laptop2Are you in employment? Have you have just got a new job?

That’s great! But remember the search is never over. It isn’t time to relax and forget about your CV, social media and other online profiles. A majority of job seekers are turning to the internet and uploading their CV’s to job boards, such as CareerBuilder and, where employers are actively searching for talent. If you constantly keep your CV updated, employers could be in contact to offer an interview.

Here are some tips for keeping your job search resources up to date:

Keep Your CV Current:

Starting a new job means you are faced with an out of date CV – try periodically updating skills, new job roles and changes, staying ahead of yourself. Being faced with the task of updating a long period of work experience can be tedious.

Online Profiles and Social Media:

Update your professional social networks.  Put yourself in reaching distance of employers and remain relevant. By periodically updating your profile it will appear to your current employer that you are just socially active on these profiles. If your employer sees you are frantically updating your profile, they could suspect you are looking for a career change. You can also adjust your setting so that your connections are not alerted when a change has been made to your profile.

Keep records:

You should keep record of where you have posted your CV. Once you have settled into a new position, visit these sites on a regular basis to upload your latest CV.  You may not be looking for a new position, but we are all open to suggestions, right?

Keep Networking:

Many see networking as a tool to find a new job. This is true but it is also a great way to build relationships within your sector. Building relationships may  make youa hit with your manager. You never know whether that business partnership that you managed to securecould be the start of a new career.

Log Your Success:

Always be prepared by listing any achievements and examples of when you have excelled. Working at a company for three to four years could mean you forget certain achievements that would benefit you in future interviews.

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