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Clean up your CV this January!

DHow is that no drinking, going to the gym or quitting smoking holding up? These are just some of the New Year’s resolutions that I’m sure some of you have decided to undertake in 2014. But, setting smaller tasks such as creating a new, fresh and relevant CV are just as important and who are we kidding, more achievable. Here are a few tips for you on how to start your job search in 2014, how to create a glowing CV and how to bag that dream job!

Don’t be a CV sinner!

Forgive me potential employers for I have sinned! I did not mean to write my name is pink, use a font size that would require a NASA standard telescope, nor did I intend to commit crimes against grammatical correctness!

Attention to detail is integral when creating your CV. Ensure that you use the right grammar, an appropriate font (Calibri is our font of choice), font size (10-12) and colour (black, always black).

Recruiters are human…most of the time – Engage them!

There is one thing that should be at the forefront of your mind when writing your CV, “Would I have stopped reading?”  Because if you would, the likelihood is that an employer would. Believe it or not, recruiters are just like you and I, they want to read something interesting.  A CV needs to grab the attention of the recruiter and eventually, the hiring manager. “How do I achieve that?”, I hear you ask. Well my friends, I have some tips for you.

Buzz off buzz words – I’m sure you are a team player, intelligent, hardworking and motivated, but so are the other 30 candidates, according to their CV. The best way to showcase your talents is to provide examples of where you have demonstrated these qualities.

TMI – You are 35 years of age, applying for a job as a care home manager. It is important to describe previous roles that are relevant. An employer will not be interested in a full break down of tasks from when you were in college and had a part-time job in retail. Tailor your CV to suit the role you are applying for. Provide and elaborate on information that is going to make you an irresistible candidate.

Cover Letter – Always have a cover letter that is tailored to the specific job role you are applying for. It may be tedious, but it’s important! If you have made no effort when applying, why should the employer make the effort to pick up the phone?

“One lie has the power to tarnish a thousand truths.” – So, don’t do it!

This quote by author Al David says it all. Don’t lie about a previous role, qualification or give yourself too much credit for something you had limited involvement in. Employers do chase up references and it’s likely that your one white lie may tarnish your name and cause the recruiters to question the validity of your entire CV.

I hope that you are now ready for 2014 with a glowing CV. Remember, a CV should last as long as the resolution that you set at the beginning of the year…not very long! Updating your CV constantly will ensure that you remain relevant. Enjoy 2014 and here’s to you finding that dream job! Cheers!


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