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Praise For Home-Birth Scheme

Midwives in Bradford have been honoured for their success in achieving a massive increase in home-birth rates. Just one in every 200 births in the region was at home before Alison Brown and Deborah Hughes stepped in. After they ran a series of workshops, the rate jumped to two per cent – still less than the national rate of three per cent. The pair were among award winners at the Royal College of Midwives annual awards in London – picking up the Bounty Award for Promoting Normal Birth. RCM general secretary Cathy Warwick said: “It is important for people to know that Trusts are constantly striving for excellence and looking for new ways to improve homebirth rates. 
  “When midwives are given the resources, support and the freedom to develop their research and work, the result is better services, better care and better health outcomes for mother, babies and their families.” Alison Brown described the award as a “great honour”. She said: “In Bradford, we like to think of new and innovative ways to engage with women and their partners and these workshops have proved a real hit.” She explained: “We spend time in the sessions discussing coping strategies for labour and birth at home, including the use of water, and the ways in which midwives can work in partnership with mothers to help them achieve the births they hope.”

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