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Care quality denial problem – Richards

Disabled elderlyAugust 18 – Some NHS hospitals are still “in denial” about the poor quality of their care, the hospitals’ chief inspector said yesterday. The differences in quality between services are unacceptable in a nationalised health service, according to chief inspector Professor Sir Mike Richards.

After year in the post, Professor Richards said the public needed to know that some parts of the NHS might be doing “not quite a good a job” as it might do.

Speaking to the Independent on Sunday, he said hospitals failed when they failed to learn from other institutions and adopt good practice.

He said: “There are those that are somewhat in denial about their current position. That’s not a healthy state to be in.

“Some hospitals haven’t really looked outside – they haven’t looked at the rest of the world for what looks like decades. I have seen it myself in hospitals. They haven’t realised that the world has moved on.”

He added: “It’s not as if they are thousands of miles from civilisation. They can be quite close to other hospitals but they haven’t really looked to see what other people are doing. That’s where we need much greater learning across hospitals.”

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