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Backing for Asthma Flu Jab

October 8 – Asthma campaigners have urged people with the condition to ensure they get the flu vaccine. Cher Piddock, a nurse specialist with Asthma UK, says most people with asthma know that colds and flu trigger attacks. She said asthmatics should speak to their GP to arrange their free flu vaccine.

She said: “People with asthma should be invited to their GP practice from October onwards to receive the vaccine but if this has not happened, they are advised to contact their GP practice to book an appointment.

“At Asthma UK, 90 per cent of people with asthma tell us that their asthma is triggered by colds and flu.

“The flu vaccination is free to people who are most susceptible, including those with asthma.”

The British government has been urging people in high risk groups, including pregnant women, to get the vaccination. Last year fewer than half of these underwent vaccination.

But it has been criticised for not running a nationwide advertising campaign.

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  1. asthma | Jan 6, 2012 | Reply

    Asthma education is key in helping you deal with both the condition of asthma and its effects. There is much you can do for yourself, both in terms of avoiding possible trigger factors and in keeping the body in a relaxed and calm state.

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