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How New U.K. Nurses can get NHS Jobs

Nurses in the U.K. know that working for the National Health Service (NHS) in England is one of the biggest accomplishments of their career. The NHS employs over one million people in the U.K. alone. That being said, finding NHS jobs can be a tough task to accomplish. If you're looking to take your career to the next level [...]

Travel Vaccinations That Every Travel Nurse Should Know About

Vaccination for travel nurse

Vaccination for travel nurse

When people plan to travel to exotic destinations, they will need to get various vaccinations to ensure that they don’t fall ill. More often than not, these injections are only necessary when traveling to developing countries where life-threatening diseases and infections are still common. However, it could also be necessary for travelers to get vaccinated [...]

Time Management Tips for Busy Nurses

Nurse time management

As you know, nursing is an important yet extremely busy occupation. Often, you will have to multitask and spend your time doing different things until the end of your shift. When you’re not dealing with patients, you have to answer the phone and handle calls from family members, friends, and other colleagues. And when you [...]

Nurse Banding in the UK

Nurse Banding in the UK thumbnail

Are you tired of your current job and want a change? Or, have you always wanted to help those less fortunate? If you answer ‘yes’ to any of these questions, a job in the National Health Service is a good choice. Not only do you get to help people, but you also get to work [...]

The Role of a Nursery Nurse

The Role of a Nursery Nurse thumbnail

Childbirth is an everyday occurrence in life. However, not every mother and would-be mother knows how to handle the experience. Becoming a mother is a daunting and scary task, which is why women need help from professionals with experience and expertise. That’s why the job of a nursery nurse exists – to help out in [...]

UK Nursing Scholarships: 5 To Look Into Today

Student Nurse

Maybe you're a healthcare assistant and would like to become a registered nurse to improve your salary. Or, you are currently working as a registered nurse but would like to switch to a different area of nursing. But, one thing has been holding you back: money. Check out these UK nursing scholarships to find the help [...]